Terms of Service

Last Update: January 1st, 2020



A user agrees to the Terms of Service and demonstrates consent when registering an account. If at any time a user no longer agrees to the Terms of Service a user must delete their account or request Support delete said account. Deleting an account will remove all content and data from FetDaddy servers; in doing so, a user acknowledges deleting an account is a non-reversible action and all content and data is permanently destroyed.




FetDaddy is restricted to adults only. A user must have reached eighteen years of age, age of consent and/or be an adult as determined by a user's local legislative authority. Users representing and/or intending to represent minors or uploading content depicting minors in whole or in part to FetDaddy servers will result in reporting to an applicable law enforcement agency. FetDaddy remains 2257 compliant.


Website Blocking


Parental control options and complete website blocking tools and instruction are available online at Restricted To Adults.




FetDaddy prohibits all disparaging postings whether in a profile, group, event or activity stream that is intended to demonstrate contempt or disapproval towards FetDaddy in whole or in part. A censorious user will result in account termination without notice.




FetDaddy maintains an internal reporting system available to report users in violation of the Terms of Service or Playground Guidelines. FetDaddy encourages reporting for all incidents of legitimate harassment, abuse, spamming, solicitation, trafficking, content representing minors, excessive postings, requests or messaging. A user in violation of the Terms of Service or Playground Guidelines may result in account suspension and/or termination without notice. FetDaddy may delegate account suspension authority to official FetDaddy administrators, moderators, caretakers or greeters.


Profile Usernames


FetDaddy prohibits profile usernames that include the terms Webmaster, Help, Postmaster, Admin, Support, Playground or FetDaddy in whole or in part and/or any similarity that may be used to purposely misrepresent or confuse. Support will advise users of similar profile usernames and assist when required with an alternate profile username. Although users cannot change or edit profile usernames from the profile edit area, Support can assist if a user requests an alternate profile username.




Avatars must be visible on a user's profile at all times if their profile is in a non-hidden state. An avatar must not include images of minors in whole or in part. An avatar must not be the FetDaddy Avatar, the FetDaddy Logo or system default avatar, or a resemblance of said avatars. Where possible an avatar should be original and unlike another user. If a user's avatar fails to meet the FetDaddy avatar criteria it will be removed without notice. Subsequently, a user will be required to contact Support before accessing the Playground. The avatar requirements are intended to enhance a user's experience. Support will upload a random avatar to any users profile not compliant with the Terms of Service.




A user must provide a true and current email address associated with their account. FetDaddy utilizes a PHP mailing and/or an SMTP relay function to send system messages and user notifications i.e. friend requests, comments, likes, messages and group or event updates. Frequent SMTP relay returns indicating a false or expired email address will jeopardize the FetDaddy anti-spam class status. In such cases FetDaddy may suspend user notifications until a valid email address has been validated through our verification system. FetDaddy will notify a user via the internal messaging system of an email update requirement. A user may update their email address anytime in the profile edit area. Once an email address has been validated user notification suspensions may be removed.


Server Uploads


FetDaddy allows limited file uploading to FetDaddy servers for the purpose of enhancing a user's experience. Allowable video extensions, media files, document files and data libraries may change without notice and may result in previously uploaded content from being accessed. A user found knowingly attempting to upload malware, viruses, injection programs or files to FetDaddy servers or via file transfers or any other means will result in account termination and will result in reporting to applicable law enforcement agencies.


Copyright Infringement


A user remains responsible and liable for all content uploaded by said user to FetDaddy servers. FetDaddy prohibits a user whether known or not to upload any content with protected copyright, trademark and/or patent rights or permissions. A user agrees by uploading content said user has all intellectual or proprietary rights to do so. Content known to Infringe on rights or permissions will be removed from FetDaddy servers and may result in account suspension and/or termination.




At no time does FetDaddy warranty or guarantee access, products or services or services of third parties integrated within FetDaddy, in whole or in part. A user agrees to inherit all risk and liability, if any, associated with all data or information exchange with FetDaddy and/or its users. A user further agrees to exempt and/or exclude FetDaddy, its TLD extensions and URL's, its owners, XTC Media or registrars from claim, action or penalty. Any and all civil proceedings will be exclusive to the appropriate jurisdiction and governed by the statutes and common law of authority of Bermuda. FetDaddy may change its Terms of Use and/or any and all policies or guidelines without notice.  FetDaddy will post the last revised date of any changes.




FetDaddy does not warranty access however will upon request provide a full pro-rated refund of current Subscriptions when purchased through FetDaddy gateways. All memberships are unique to the purchaser and remain non-transferable.




A user agrees to abide by the Terms of Service when registering and maintaining an account. As well, users have reviewed and consent to the Privacy Statement, Cookie Consent and Playground Guidelines. Please contact Support or email [email protected] for additional inquiries.